Same ground

Eyes opened, the world was revealed. What blissful feeling to discover the fields. But three revolutions were all it took, half-blinded, one tired eye remains unobscured. Bypassing the dryness of land, hoping. Then searching. And at last passively gazing. What was previously yearning has succumbed to yielding.

In this world, only one word holds such ambiguity contrary to its length. Love. Its power is beyond anything one can imagine. The Mighty Being having saved us from all our sins was because of this. A thousand ships sailed to battle, also because of this. A mother’s sacrifice to be far away from all she grew to know for her child; even a child’s unskilled drawings on a Merry Christmas card; and a girl’s first love.

1 year and a half. How many in this world have achieved success, grief, joy and regret in this span of time? How many were in denial? How many were wised up? I know not, for I have no means to. I can, however, assure you, that at least one being has gathered enough musings to publish a book. Poems of sorts, prayers of desperation, snips of enlightenment here and there. Well, where is that person now? And what of its musings?

That person, with only its thoughts for company, has been standing on the same ground for as long as one bloomed Rafflesia.

[Edited: 05/10/11 Replaced unobstructed with unobscured]


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