A dream that’s within reach

Background: I wrote this while depressed over my father’s hospitalization

It’s extremely hard to concentrate right now and all I can do to comfort myself is to write. I’ve decided what kind of book I’d like to publish. It’s a self/help/autobiography book. I was not really thinking of a genre. Because I originally wanted to finish a novel. But I don’t think I’ll have the time to be creative and come up with a satisfying story. So why not this one? I get to:

  • express myself
  • share knowledge with others
  • gain profit
  • and achieve one of my dreams

ALL at the same time. It’s hitting 4 birds with one stone. Good title, ain’t it? But it doesn’t quite grasp the scope of the book. But I already have an idea. Something along the lines of.. “If you have lived as long as I have” And the earlier i get it published, the better. Because it’s a bit funny that I’m still young , yet I’ve gone through a number of emotional roller coasters already. Just like many other teens/young adults out there. And many of them, I know, don’t know how to handle the situation because not all of us are lucky to have supportive and understanding guardians. That right there, could already be my Preface! Then the quote before the first chapter would be:

So young, to be fighting so many.

from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


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