What we should all realize :)

I threw away my list. I’ve realized love isn’t two perfect people starting a perfect life. It is two people willing to grow and change together. You don’t need to have it all together to be accepted by Jesus. Likewise you don’t have to have it all together to be totally accepted by me. But I am looking for someone with a soft heart. That is teachable, that is open to being led by the Holy Spirit. That is where dreams are made. Not in a list of sterile selfish expectations. Not hard hearts that need to control the outcome. Soft hearts that are listening to each other. Pricking our ear towards wisdom.

The thing is I know if I keep my heart under the dealings of God, the outcome will be far better than if I force my dirty finger prints of manipulation. I surrender, I yield, so I am able to receive this exciting adventurous life.

Most of the the things I want are good. Don’t get wrong, God hears me. I will make suggestions. But why settle for what I expect? I am looking forward to Gods surprises! I am creative, but He is the creator.

You don’t have to like the music I like or enjoy my favorite movies. You don’t have to know what to say or what to do at the right times. You just have to be the authentic you. Even if it takes a while to feel comfortable enough to relax. Speak up I’m listening.

But keep your heart moldable. For instead of one soul, God now has two souls/lives He can shape to fit perfectly together. Perfectly in His plan. The perfect fit, custom made. Not prefabricated.

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