My thoughts keep on wandering and returning to the doors of that secluded part at the back of my mind. The part that wants to delve into faith and Christianity.

But just when my hand’s about to turn the knob, I stop.

Is it faith? Or is it denial?

Faith, because despite knowing there’s no tangible proof, I believe.

Denial, because I refuse to even look at the thoughts swaying tantalizingly on my peripheral vision, just waiting to be formed.


I was naive. I was trusting. I used to believe just about everything the people I trusted say.

But the clouds have traveled light years and new creatures came into my life. The words “My eyes are opened” have never been more applicable.

It was like I crossed the barrier between two worlds. My whole being was as different as my surroundings.

The world I left behind was… full of colors and cupcakes and pleasantries. Whereas beyond the barrier, where I now stand, all I see are black, white and a whole LOT of grays.


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