Reading leads to writing and a whole LOT of thinking

John Green quoted a lot of beautiful lines. But the most spot on (yeah, redundant) line I remember was his advice to aspiring writers: Read, and read a lot. I, for one, am living proof that that advice is indeed effective.

Reading is my passion. Albeit a very passive one. Last year, during the times that I wasn’t quite as preoccupied as I was earlier this year, I was able to update a blog I created specifically for the purpose of honing my writing skills. And although I wasn’t able to update that regularly (meaning everyday), I wrote poems and “literary” stuff every once in a while. Also, I was able to squeeze into my time some reading time. But alas, the second semester started and I had to bid my beloved stories “Fare thee well”, figuratively. I would’ve done it literally if I’d expected our sudden…separation. Months passed and finally, one day in April, God sent me the blessed news that I passed all my subjects. I was able to reunite with certain blogs that hibernated without warning. By the way, I know this very blog is not visited by many but I’m very proud of it, if I must say so myself. So going back. I was able to rekindle my passion for reading non-academic works. I finished stories of different varieties(fiction, fan fiction, poems, novels,  series, etc) almost everyday. I read different stories at the same time, dropping uninteresting ones like a hot potato. If I were living alone, I would’ve forgotten to eat (which was all okay since I’m SUPPOSED to be on a diet anyway). I’m at the point where I’m forgetting to sleep. There I was lying in bed, scrolling endlessly (I use ebooks/epubs) and I suddenly remembered to check the time. Oh look, it’s 4am. I’ve been reading for 6 hours straight. I know, I’m abusing my eyes, but I. Just. Can’t. Stop. Every time I read, it’s like drowning but not dying. The imaginary world just about sucks me in like a Pensieve (Harry Potter terminology, sorry for non-Potterheads). Whenever I try to lay the book down to snap back to reality (Eminem fan right here :>), I just don’t like what I see. There was NOTHING to see, truth be told. -_- So yeah, this time of the year is the most boring time of the year. So you can’t blame me for wanting to at least witness the adventures of those two-dimentional characters.

So the point is. Since I’ve had had the chance to be exposed to literary works this time, my mind just won’t stop working. You know that friend most of us have that just won’t stop talking? (I’m that friend sometimes, heh.) Well, imagine having that friend follow you everywhere in everything that you do, babbling about random things that he/she wouldn’t even finish because new trains of thoughts are coming and sometimes even forming the thoughts in your MIND is not enough, it’s too slow. You get what I mean? And I’ve had storylines popping up every now and then but it’s not like I’m committed to writing a full blast novel. At this point in time, anyways. I’m several weeks away from the most challenging school year I’d ever experience in college. And finishing a novel would be the least of my worries. But nevertheless, they keep me inspired. Even when I’m outside, on the jeepney, window shopping, staring leisurely, I’d have a pen and paper with me (or sometimes my smartphone’s Notes suffices) ready to scribble away the latest rhyme or inspiration worthy enough to be posted. Actually, for me, all of them are worthy to be posted- quality wise. It’s just that sometimes, they’re too private or exaggeratedly melancholic.

I think this has been the most informal post yet in this blog. But oh well. I had fun writing and reading this. 🙂


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