Struggles of an Eloquent Intern

There are much to be said, but my words are robbed of time. I am left with formal documentations that wring my brain dry. There are much to reflect, much to divulge. But I’m pressed to be silent and to let the thoughts pass, some to be remembered, some to be regretfully forgotten. Some to be recalled, some to be learned all over again from scratch. I miss my voice that springs unexpected wisdom sometimes. I miss learning about myself intricately, taking my time. I miss what used to be free, but now is imprisoned out of necessity. Yes, this is prison, one that I am thankful for. A temporary sanctuary I never want to get used to, I never want to be trapped in. So I will strive, strive to be free, strive to soar and make my escape to a world where everything is decided by me.

Yes, I proclaim myself eloquent. :]


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