Present Tensed

I let my heart be filled with love, ’til it brimmed and flowed. I was overwhelmed with what the past can bring to my present, and the longing to go back, relive, and be young smothered my senses. I realized that I’ve been clinging too much to the past and I haven’t been giving the present a chance. Always skipping to the future that turns into a mess because of the overlooked and the neglected now.

I scream for justice when I am knowingly blind.

I cry for what is already done.

I look for what is already gone.

It’s hard to look forward when all I want to do is turn back. But at some point, we all have to. Nobody grows backward. Except perhaps Benjamin Button.

How many in this world have stopped and wished they could live in those times when everything was easy? We always want to go back to what’s familiar. Because it’s home, our comfort zone, the safe house.

What I feel now is that…

It’s not him.

It’s definitely not us.

It’s just… it. And the simplicity of what was once.


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