Two Weeks in June

You can’t use someone else to get over someone. Because if it didn’t work out with someone else, you’d think that to get over that person, you’d need another someone. And then it’ll just be a cycle of someone else’s and another one’s until you’re irreversibly worn and torn and scarred and marred.
Why not endure being alone for a longer time and enjoy the first’s and only’s with just the one?It’s the principle of ‘Quality over quantity’ and ‘Good things come to those who wait’ all over again.

While waiting, fill the empty by distracting yourself with concrete productivity. It is time to shatter the rose-colored glass revolving around romance and relationships. Stop standing around the curb, waiting for a bus you’re not even sure passes that route. Start walking, follow the path towards home, towards your dream- a destination you’re sure is there, only if you step forward. Follow the path you‘re certain will lead you there.

Also, stop fighting the battle with the wrong weapon and the wrong strategy. Give up your useless ideals and explore your strengths instead. Love yourself (but not too much) and appreciate all that you have, and use them to make your life happier and livelier. Instead of thinking “Life is unfair!”, suck it up and live with it. It’s what most people say, anyways. Plus, it’s not going to solve anything, it will only feed your self-pity and drown you more in misery.


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