I built a wall block by block, to hide the hideous ruins brought about by the past. I built it n-feet high, so high that the sky was bisected. But even after the blocks molded into each other, it required my support, it wouldn’t stand by itself. So with all of my strength, as sweat dripped along my forehead, my neck and my back, I push it and steady it, for as long as I can. But what am I, compared to the humongous shield that I myself built? What am I, compared to the countless inevitable uncontrollable outside forces that are only going along with the flow of life? Going along as they were meant to do, unaware that tiny obstacles such as myself are being kicked and bumped mercilessly, unthinkingly. Endurance is limited, it is not infinite. So sometimes, I find myself slumped and crushed. Because the wall I depended on for protection would crash down without warning, turning itself against me, just when I thought that I was safe, that I could breathe, that I could live.


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