How would it feel to just wake up and live everyday by our impulses and whims?
What if freedom was ultimate and nothing could ever lead to chaos and violence?

We roam the world with bare feet because only soft and fragrant petals cover the streets.
We walk in the rain because no one would think it’s weird.
Differences are acknowledged but are never faced with prejudice.
We say the words we truly feel because in that world, negative emotions are simply surreal.
Here we love and are always loved in return.
*And strangers are family that we have yet to meet.

I could list five or ten or maybe a hundred more, but it would only amplify this world’s opposite core.

And it would make me sad.
It would make me slightly mad.
Because I’ve always longed for that parallel world.
But it was never granted, it was all I ever wanted.
*from the movie/novel The Five People You Meet in Heaven
**title inspired by the novel 1Q84


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