English Ramblings

“For the light at the end of the tunnel, the beacon of everything hopeful, the silver lining of dark clouds- for whatever euphemism there is about feeling better after having shit dumped at you, please just let me be overcome by positivity because I’m tired of feeling this shitty, this helpless and hopeless and what-not.”


Ladies and gentlemen, the eloquence of a young adult pushed towards the edge of frustration, finding extreme comfort in lashing out at nothing in particular, with the use of a very amusing combination of vocabulary.

If you may, please pardon such unladylike and almost ungrateful implications (though they are quite explicit enough to still be called implications) of an individual whose identity I dare not expose, for the humiliation and prejudice it  might bring to said person. Though I may have slipped and given a clue, due to this incessant and utterly unnecessary rambling.


I hope to have entertained those of intelligent minds who have understood the humor so shalowlessly intricated in this piece of literature.

Have  a lovely morning / evening / afternoon / whichever part of the day you may have come upon this piece.


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