Daylight is Waiting

No more excessive justifications
and prolonged
My eyes will see sunlight
The mood has a fixed a frown
Please turn it upside down
I just need to lean a bit forward
I only need that one step forward

Because outside the wind fills
The empty that is my constant
Outside the warmth is calling
Just look outside the window
The leaves are turning greener
The colors are a lot brighter
Daylight is waiting

I’m leaving the comfort of my home
I’m leaving each familiar room
I won’t glance at the picture frames
I won’t touch the cups and saucers
With a gaze unwavering
I only need to lean a bit forward
I only need that one step forward

The rays are reaching out
slowly creeping
underneath the door
slowly passing
through the glass
daylight is waiting
and I’m running
Oh dayligh
I won’t hide anymore


by Adrienne Luzanne


I wrote this with the intention of making it into a song. The feels of the melody just hasn’t come to me yet. If someone is interested, feel free to comment so we can arrange things.

(I’m pretending to be confident that someone would be interested enough.  #wishfulthinking Hihi.)


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