Everytime I call your name,
Does this heart’s yearning reach you?
At night I see just these four corners,
I am a prison of a regretful past.
My darling, it’s only you that remains.
But your silence is giving me pain.

I hear you, loud and clear.
Though I wish I can cut my ear.
You don’t wander in my thoughts at all,
Whether it’s night or day,
Only when you choose to call.
And they are getting more desperate,
Yet my heart’s not moved.
Do you even know why?
I think you do.

I beg of you to just stay with me.
For the time is not long now, so please.
I do not know how many breaths are left,
I do not know how much more shall I beg.
Should I wound my knee,
for you to accept my sincerity?
How do I even start to explain,
when there’s none for you to gain?

There is none to gain, and even if there is,
I’ve tried for countless times,
But your desire… is simply not mine.
Wound yourself, wound yourself more.
How many times before you understand,
It’s precisely that unreasonable stance,
That turns my heart away with nary a glance.



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