I don’t know which inspirational thought from this weekend I am going to quote. I don’t know which realization I am going to reflect on.

But there’s this dream I hate to dwell on. So dwell in it, I shall. Because I like to subject myself to pointless mental tortures.

Dreams are our subconscious’ desire. Or so they say. I’d look up more definitions, but I figured it wouldn’t really matter. Because in the end, my stubbornness will win over whatever logical explanation I may find.

I have dreamt of nightmarish murders and thrillers. I have dreamt of completely random situations with everyday people. I have dreamt of a lot of things I can’t remember. But there’s this constant scenario I have been dreaming of for almost a decade now. And I’m wondering whether it’s running the same course of “you always want what you can’t have”. It’s a thirst of curiosity that was never quenched.

. . .

Well. That’s it. I guess this post is completely useless. Aside from the implications of me posting about it.

So, the stubbornness I was referring to is the conclusion: I may believe that some dreams ultimately turn into reality. That if you keep dreaming about it, it will somehow materialize itself into tomorrow. But it’s a silly thought that, so far, has not been proven. That no one has ever tried to prove, I think. So, yeah. This is pretty much pointless. Pointless, time-wasting mental tortures.


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