Daily Anecdote

A man with a dog came up the jeepney. The people were not amused, for the man was not what society would consider “presentable”, and his dog wore metal chains.

The people beside him leaned away and I honestly would’ve done the same- the dog could bite me and it might have fleas. I usually like dogs. But just like strangers I was told not to talk to, I try not to approach strange dogs.

Just then, two girls came up. One of them was sat beside the man with the dog and she patted the dog’s head with a smile on her young face.

Then I wondered…

She did it without hesitation, like it was the most normal thing in the world. I compared that with how I thought and felt. I suddenly found myself questioning my stand in this world.

Have I become one of those who view this earth as a fortress? Unhappy and always guarded, looking behind constantly, waiting for an attack?
Or am I actually a survivor, wisely prepared for whatever comes in this messy and chaotic jungle we call our home?

Was the girl a heroine of humanity with her purity and innocence, or was she a foolish damsel, serving nothing more than the vicious’ prey?


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