Settle. v.
Accepting things as they are, without daring to dream way above your limits. It’s a safe place where you’ll never know the ultimate happiness of life. Bright side, you’ll never have to feel the darkest and most lonesome parts either.

Risk. v./n.
Tricky word. Your personality can be defined by the results, you know. Take a risk, get successful results, and people will call you brave, heroic, outstanding, a role model. Take a risk, get crappy results, and you will forever be generalized as the foolish individual who wears her/his heart on his/her sleeves, and took a nasty turning point in life with no one else to blame but that poor innocent risk.

Irrevocable. adj.
No turning back. Way past changing. Can only be accepted, albeit grudgingly (if it’s not one of your best days).
i.e. She took a risk at catching his eye and alas, she did and was irrevocably in love.
On a less cheesy note…
i.e. The boy made an irrevocable decision to adopt the cute little puppy he saw on the street. Irrevocable, unless his mother tells him not to.


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