My hands found something new and important. And like all things new and important, I wanted to protect it and keep it away from harm or damage.

I love the color lavender. So I wanted it to be the color that would enclose my treasure. But then I saw a golden case that looked so elegant and cool, and I thought, why not this one instead? It would look good in the eyes of many, it would stand out and people would praise me. It would be a good match for my other treasures, and oh! how it would catch the eye of unknown strangers who would see it.

But I love the color lavender. My heart yearns and reaches out to it. And every time I place the lavender and gold side by side, the gold’s shine is dimmed by my heart’s desire. In the end, I chose to follow my heart.

I choose lavender. Because it pleases me. I choose lavender to be the one I see when I wake up, when I do my work, when I have fun, when I write, and when I go to sleep. I choose lavender to protect my treasured possession. I choose the color that makes me happy, not what would make me look happy. I followed my heart, and I have never regretted a single day since.


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