It’s because I care
That I will spare
This risky dare
To be laid bare

There’s nothing more
To be left in store
It hurts my core
That we’ll never soar

I hope you’ll forgive
I don’t want to leave
But it’s much to heave
With naught to receive

Bid one last Hi
But I’ll be by
It’s just.. It’s always I
Who is left to die

But not this time
I betcha ten dimes
Before the break chimes
I’d have cut all ties


Contingency (n.) – An event that may occur but that is not likely or intended


by Adrienne Luzanne


The Story of Fish


I’m feeding the wrong fishes
I’m tired of matching the rhymes
Set me free from the many leashes
Show me how to travel in time

The fish is growing bigger and wide
& so is the gap between me and I
Me, who needs to push you aside
& I, who wants to live in a lie

Next the fish devours me whole
I failed to notice I lost control

…But in truth I did
And I actually wished
That the fish would head
To a heart that’d mend


by Adrienne Luzanne


I jumped the train, then you followed
Let’s go some place none can follow
Hold my hand, look in my eyes
Let’s find that place none can follow

Sing me songs I want to hear
I’ll write you poems of how I feel
Their muted whispers, without a care,
Let’s hide some place none can follow

This tale of old, for one so young
What do you know of the moon and the sun?
Won’t you come away with me still?
‘Cause if we both have the heart, I know we’ll find,
That place none can follow.


by Adrienne Luzanne

Edited: Music added

Words and Melody are mine. 🙂

Pin the donkey’s tail (sans blindfold)

With eyes wide open, where do you look?
Do they stray far from the main road,
Or do they go by the book?

With eyes wide open, what do you see?
Is your vision in top shape condition,
Or is it filled with romanticized fantasies?

With thousands of days filled with experience,
How do you now decide and choose?
On which books to scan, which books to peruse?
Among hundreds of shelves, what is your route?


by Adrienne Luzanne

I can’t buy you a house, but I’ll give you a home.
Against whatever odds, I’ll be your comfort zone.
From morning ’til night, I am sure to nag.
As sure as I will listen, each time you lag.
I’ll push you to the edge until you’re flying.
We’ll soar then converge to our one safe landing.

It may not be yesterday,
and neither will it be tomorrow.
But let today not be of sorrow,
for surely, one day
the humble home that we built
will be a house of
[error:reference needed].


by Adrienne Luzanne


In the tiniest of dots, the right are wronged.
In the lightest of touch, the senses are won.
In the softest of sounds, the peace was disrupt.
In the slightest of change, it felt corrupt.

In the quietness of dusk, the more they unfurled.
In the subtlety of one, the blatant change in all.


by adrienne luzanne

Solitary Silence

Stay little one,
for more than awhile.
Let me pat your back,
for a job well done.

Shan’t leave the confines,
far from the happy resides.
Frequenting the dingy,
Yet knowing not to dilly.

Alas, curfew’s up.
Speak not, purse that mouth.
One must not burden,
One musn’t be uncouth.

They who hear less,
they who mis-see,
they who feel none,
they who speak free.

And you who is there,
you who believe,
you who wait-
Yoo hoo!
No one’s there,
for you.


by Adrienne Luzanne


The walk along the precipice is dangerous and untimely,
for the dawn just broke and the fog is still clearing.

But in the midst of the quiet,
this allegoric divulgence of a straining secret

is wanting to be acknowledged.

But like a fish that you won’t feed,
it will die a natural death.

But if instead, you do, then like a flower
it will blossom, grow and live.

Though without reciprocating water it will wilt.
Leading to a more painful, tragic death.


by Adrienne Luzanne

An hour past midnight, and my heart is thumping.

Because I am anguished.
For the times lost that I could never relive,
for the happiness that was only a reprieve.

Because I am anxious.
For being mundane and powerless to know the “will’s”
If I can just glimpse on the “then’s” of my “if’s”
then instead of this thumping, my heart shall trill

Because I am thankful.
For the brighter side of things,
and the endless strength only You can give.

I may turn away for awhile,
just to catch my breath and ask why,
for a moment just let me hide.
Though my weakness are wide,
in the end, and always- I know,
I am Your child.


Everytime I call your name,
Does this heart’s yearning reach you?
At night I see just these four corners,
I am a prison of a regretful past.
My darling, it’s only you that remains.
But your silence is giving me pain.

I hear you, loud and clear.
Though I wish I can cut my ear.
You don’t wander in my thoughts at all,
Whether it’s night or day,
Only when you choose to call.
And they are getting more desperate,
Yet my heart’s not moved.
Do you even know why?
I think you do.

I beg of you to just stay with me.
For the time is not long now, so please.
I do not know how many breaths are left,
I do not know how much more shall I beg.
Should I wound my knee,
for you to accept my sincerity?
How do I even start to explain,
when there’s none for you to gain?

There is none to gain, and even if there is,
I’ve tried for countless times,
But your desire… is simply not mine.
Wound yourself, wound yourself more.
How many times before you understand,
It’s precisely that unreasonable stance,
That turns my heart away with nary a glance.


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