What Do I Do?

I had a scary thought. And just like most thoughts, it came out of nowhere…

What if the food you were  expecting for dinner was not just different from what you’re expecting, but is totally non-existent?
What if there wasn’t anything prepared at all?

Time stopped for a moment and the suspended dust particles blinked at me.
They seem to be asking,
Whatcha gonna do about it, huh? Whatcha gonna do?
in an annoyingly tantalizing way.

Then time resumed and hot polluted air whipped past my face.

So.. What am I going to do about it?
It’s the most horrendous thing that could happen because-
Come on.
How many of us are not expecting food on the table at meal times, right?
(I know there are a lot. And I’m sorry for even verbalizing/writing/thinking it)
Just- among those who can read this, alright?

And I’ve been looking forward to that dinner ever since I woke up. So…

Am I going to whine about it?
Am I going to flip the table and act out?
Am I going to be blind and naive and stubborn that I’m going to still sit there and wait?
Or am I going to simply walk away from the table, accept it, and move on to my bedroom to sleep?

What do I do?

I wonder…


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