Follow your North


I look at you, you look not at me
But at the same forbidden
Fruit of the tree

It’s funny how your eyes linger,
Steal those glances
Like we’re none the wiser

Follow your North
Stay out of the South
Fix your compass
Oh, don’t be uncouth


by Luzanne



Shadows lurking,
All poised for attack

You better get ready,
Watch your back

Calculated movements,
Watchful eyes

Wolf in sheep’s clothing,
Woven with lies


by Luzanne


You have born unto me these feelings long forgotten
And somehow I’m grateful that thus I write often

You have evoked unto me the sleeping passion
You got me thinking which is the real version

You have unleased within me the darkness hidden
It’s making me laugh albeit it’s oh so forbidden

You have spurred me into running the race faster
Into a path that unfortunately you can never even enter

You have pushed me over the edge
But I won’t sink low, this I pledge.

by Adrienne Luzanne

There are times when mud will seem as dirty as it looks.
But right now, the puddle at my feet is filthier and uglier than any other mud I’ve seen.


Do you expect me to drop my bags
at the snap of those fingers?
Am I supposed to run
even if I leave a shoe behind?
Do I walk with wounded feet
just to reach you in time?

Maybe sometimes.
Because what you and I have
is not worth the constant sacrifice
It might be cruel, absolutely unkind
But so is our story
that you helped unwind.

I thank your heart for being grateful.
But if we were in better standing,
would your heart still know me?
You can pretend, and you can deny
Shame on yours and shame on mine
Come now, let’s stop the count
Because our blame’s worth is infinite

This honesty that wrecks what’s left of my innocence
The cruelty that strangely gives me comfort
Does it make me as worthless as my thoughts?
And is it my sanity’s only salvation?

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