Thy Will Be Done

-Daily Devotion-

“Thy will be done” is a call to arms. It is an offensive declaration of God’s protection and good plans for us. It is saying “not my will” and “not the devil’s will”.


Absolute Perfection

I raised my eyebrows as disappointment after disappointment washed over me.

I expected perfection and I expected totality.

But my eyes failed to see, so I acted rashly:

With shoulders slumped in defeat,

My foot was on the lead,

What’s the point? It was just a front.

So why should I? When they’re mostly lies.

But then I realized I have forgotten to look unto You,

instead I looked into what others do.

Again, I focused on the wrong prize. And so I found it hard to cry.

But today as I sang, I felt and I cried.

Because what I saw, when I finally looked,

was the most wonderful, beautiful, and glorious Father,

eternally matchless, loving me unconditionally, irrevocably.

He is the absolute perfection that undermines all imperfections.

Floating in the Haze

I look ahead and see nothing- just a haze, like my vision’s blurred a hundred times. I raise my hand to shield my eyes, because the light is also bright. I want so much to see, I want so much to know. A Voice was telling me to wait, but my desire was already deaf to reason. My greed consumed me and I wanted to just risk it all. But just as I think it, the light went out. The haze was gone, because all was dark. I panicked and I cried. I whined and threw fits. Because I was about to jump, I didn’t care, I forgot that He was there. I spread my arms to find my way. Something- Someone caught it, it was warm and gentle. I felt the patience and the conviction that I lacked. It seemed like eternity but really, it was only a moment. The darkness lifted and I was floating in the haze. I still could not see everything clearly, but I knew it was beautiful. There were promising whispers, that they shall reveal themselves someday, at the right time, at the right moment. Because they were still being molded, so when the time comes, I won’t be disappointed. I floated along the haze, with my heart content and my soul at peace, as the Hand continued to guide me and comfort my unease.

Here’s where I belong, here’s where I should be
No amount of attraction could take me from here
I tried to weigh and choose all my might
Sincere as can be as half of my heart
Tainted reasons I’m working to fade
Worldly temptations are all well laid
But by Grace unconditionally given
Control and purity shall not be shaken
I will love this House, I will make it precious
The first step is done, the rest will be given


By Adrienne Luzanne

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