I Am Fine

I must have cried a million times
I must have hurt more than you can count
I could have given up anytime

But He watches over me
He reaches out and heals my heart
His love covers me
And I am fine

I have won and celebrated
I have all that I need and more
Good has taken over most of my life

Because He watches over me
He reaches out and holds my heart
His love covers me
And I am more than fine

In ups and downs, high and low
I call upon the same
There is only one Name
Jesus, because of You
Everything will surely be fine

by Adrienne Luzanne


His Comfort

I was feeling somewhat down and subconsciously wished for something to read to cheer me up. A few minutes later, I came across this article.

God is so wonderful and once again, He has rendered me speechless by His impeccable timing.


My Greatest Comfort

I flip the pages and stall.
Make either the days grow long,
or the time slow down.

is what I thought.

I lie down and close my eyes.
Should I rest now or later?
is what I pondered.

I almost whined.
But then You asked to talk.
And I said, “Alright, I guess .”
Then I realized,
Not ‘I guess’. Not ‘I should’
But ‘I want to’
Because the only one
who never disappoints,
is You.

And just the thought of that,
makes me smile,
gives me peace,
gives me strength.


Smile :)

Your eyes that droop but often shine now shine so seldom,
Your charm that dazzled many bedazzled now dimmed,
Your warmth that comforts now is cold and chills.
But to give up I refuse, for real bond must remain.
But in times I hurt, I’ll lie low and lock away.
But to speak I can’t and won’t tomorrow nor today.
If too much makes you memorize hate,
If all falls down like London bridge, hey
I will welcome the tears you cry,

Just don’t forget that you can always SMILE. 🙂

For KD.

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