Raining arrows come. And there will be misses, but at least one will unrelentingly find me. It will pierce through at the precise moment when the last drop of blood clots. Thus, reopening the wound that has already bled a million times. But there will come a time when the vulnerability so thoroughly beaten, will finally break and shatter, powdered into dust, and become one with the atmosphere, and then- then there will be none to pierce, none to wound, none to abuse, none to receive sharp-tongued arrows that know nothing but destroy and produce bloody chaos.

Because then, my Defender will shine. I will hide away and let my Shield take front.




Time’s so fast
Can’t have a blast

Where has the past
Gone, gone, gone

Stare at the wall
Let the rain fall
When will he call
Back, back, back

Stepped on a heart
Killed with a dart
Everything’s falling
Apart, part, part


by Luzanne


Shadows lurking,
All poised for attack

You better get ready,
Watch your back

Calculated movements,
Watchful eyes

Wolf in sheep’s clothing,
Woven with lies


by Luzanne

This Hand

This hand that writes,
that reaches out the only way it can-
the only way it is allowed to.

The hand that you take, whenever you do,
takes my breath away, with you.

The only hand that dries the tears ’til they’re gone;
and that rests over my heart
when true lies pour from your mouth.

The same hand that vowed, then and now, to
honest happiness and sinful secrecy of
holding a hand that is. . .

not mine to hold,

not mine to own.


by Adrienne Luzanne

{Free verse}

Can you hear it?
The dimmed gongs of the bells
The trickle of the last drops
Slowly and loudly, invading the senses

The widest space suffocates
No walls to bounce off of
Ticking, the clock never gets old
It’s tiring, I’m tired.


by Adrienne Luzanne

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