They shew their card
As told by the bard
Oh how abysmal
Banish unloyals

You open your eyes
But only see lies
No matter how wide
The truth has been hide

Lock the morals
Throw the keys
Blind everyone
But never me


Silence, then Nothing


Say a word
and I’ll feel stabbed

Say nothing
and I’ll feel burned

Pierce me with a glare
and my skin will melt
Look through my solid body-
neglect my existence
And like an overheated balloon

I will burst-
cease to live
With no traces left,
No memories to come back to

Follow your North


I look at you, you look not at me
But at the same forbidden
Fruit of the tree

It’s funny how your eyes linger,
Steal those glances
Like we’re none the wiser

Follow your North
Stay out of the South
Fix your compass
Oh, don’t be uncouth


by Luzanne



His hands are mine to hold
His face is mine to touch

His voice is mine to hear
His love is mine to feel

His smile is one I caused
His strength is what I see
His flaw I will not mind
His heart is what I’ll find


Love Traces

I never want to live a life without you in it.


A glass of water, clean sheets
These simple things
Are what I find most sweet

Blended greens, and some oranges
Taming my headaches
And giving me lozenges

Breakfast in bed
Knowledge in my head
Care in my heart
You moulded a great part

I get up to leave
No dust on my sleeves
Just traces of meticulous love
I have had ever since

This is a poem sped up
Because my eyes are welling up
For someone that my heart beats
From the moment I got my wits

I’ve been your treasure from the very start
And you’ve been mine, not just because you’re smart
I love you because you can do anything
Even when we were at the end of the string
I owe my life and a big part of my now
To you, my grandma, I will vow

To leave the same traces
Around the house
That remind me that I am loved
by a most wonderful gift from Above.



It’s like dreaming my first dream
As if my heart was never even broken from the start

Do you remember the last time you wanted it so much?
I don’t.
Because nothing seemed to matter before that

Have you tried drowning in an open ocean?
Controlling this is just as easy as that

And if the existence of the undead is unfathomable
For this dream to not entify is inconceivable


by Adrienne Luzanne

You have the nerve to chop off the rope
Only noticing you’re on the wrong side
In the last minute
You tease so tauntingly
And feed them gold
And then you snatch away every last mold

I Am Fine

I must have cried a million times
I must have hurt more than you can count
I could have given up anytime

But He watches over me
He reaches out and heals my heart
His love covers me
And I am fine

I have won and celebrated
I have all that I need and more
Good has taken over most of my life

Because He watches over me
He reaches out and holds my heart
His love covers me
And I am more than fine

In ups and downs, high and low
I call upon the same
There is only one Name
Jesus, because of You
Everything will surely be fine

by Adrienne Luzanne

One Second


For one second, I won’t deny
That one moment of insanity.
One second out of this dimension,
So I can shout it once,
that f
or one second, I thought
Of that moment with you.

Then for one second,
I will let t
hat hurt overwhelm me.
So I hope that after that second,
It will vanish into nothingness.

As if we didn’t feel,
As if my breath was not lost
When eyes met even just
For one second.


Adrienne Luzanne



You already know
Just like the song goes
The moment we forget
is when I’m happiest

Indulge in stolens
The meaning’s hidden
I read it different
How do you fare?

You dare to stun
You dare to dazzle
Like it’s not enough
That I’m past stricken

The fleeting contact
Seemingly discreet
Deliberate or unbidden
Do tell


by Adrienne Luzanne

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