Time’s so fast
Can’t have a blast

Where has the past
Gone, gone, gone

Stare at the wall
Let the rain fall
When will he call
Back, back, back

Stepped on a heart
Killed with a dart
Everything’s falling
Apart, part, part


by Luzanne




Gayonpaman ang mangyari, ang mundo’y patuloy na iikot,
At ang langit ay mananatiling bughaw.

Kung ang aking puso man ay mapuno ng kirot,
At ang lalamunan ay magsumamo’t humiyaw,
Ang orasan ay magpapatuloy,
Ang ating mga dugo ay dadaloy.
Ilang araw mang humagulgol at lumuha sa poot,
Sa isang pangarap na naging masalimuot.

Humayo ka at bumangong taas noo,
Dahil may araw na hindi liliban sa pagsikat.
Mayroong bukas na itutulak ka palayo,
Sa panahong ang iyong lahat ay hindi naging sapat.


by Adrienne Luzanne

You have the nerve to chop off the rope
Only noticing you’re on the wrong side
In the last minute
You tease so tauntingly
And feed them gold
And then you snatch away every last mold


art is made for art’s sake
art is made for hearts that break
art is made by wandering souls
ones who’ve reached the all time low

art is feeling.
art is moving.

art is living the way only
you will know


by Adrienne Luzanne

I Am Fine

I must have cried a million times
I must have hurt more than you can count
I could have given up anytime

But He watches over me
He reaches out and heals my heart
His love covers me
And I am fine

I have won and celebrated
I have all that I need and more
Good has taken over most of my life

Because He watches over me
He reaches out and holds my heart
His love covers me
And I am more than fine

In ups and downs, high and low
I call upon the same
There is only one Name
Jesus, because of You
Everything will surely be fine

by Adrienne Luzanne



When you brace yourself for something you dread,
Is it wisdom or pessimism that is being fed?
Are you building walls tall enough to protect,
Or are they ever so tall that none could intersect?

When you wear your heart proudly on your sleeve,
Is it passion or are you simply being too naive?
Are you so blinded that only you can’t see the cards?
Are you sure it’s not a game directed by a heartless bard?


by Adrienne Luzanne



“Don’t pursue.” That’s what they said
“I wont.” I say “I won’t be misled”
“This is what you’ll get” that’s what they warned
But I am above everything, rules be damned

As stubborn as stubborn fools could get
Who dug their traps, then jumped on their net
Who are you to know what can’t be done
Now, look at all that could not be undone

Living on precarious edges and tips
One swoosh and down, down you’ll slip
Two whoops and plop your innards will splat
You’re crushed before your eyelashes bat


by Adrienne Luzanne


You’re like an angel
But you stomp on people’s hearts
Doff sheep’s clothing please



It’s because I care
That I will spare
This risky dare
To be laid bare

There’s nothing more
To be left in store
It hurts my core
That we’ll never soar

I hope you’ll forgive
I don’t want to leave
But it’s much to heave
With naught to receive

Bid one last Hi
But I’ll be by
It’s just.. It’s always I
Who is left to die

But not this time
I betcha ten dimes
Before the break chimes
I’d have cut all ties


Contingency (n.) – An event that may occur but that is not likely or intended


by Adrienne Luzanne

The Story of Fish


I’m feeding the wrong fishes
I’m tired of matching the rhymes
Set me free from the many leashes
Show me how to travel in time

The fish is growing bigger and wide
& so is the gap between me and I
Me, who needs to push you aside
& I, who wants to live in a lie

Next the fish devours me whole
I failed to notice I lost control

…But in truth I did
And I actually wished
That the fish would head
To a heart that’d mend


by Adrienne Luzanne

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