My Strength


In a place so crowded
In the darkest of nights
In destructive chaos
In the deafening sound

In suffocating heat
In harsh environments
In ruthless transgressions
In false accusations

In lonesome solitude
In apparent unpeace
In failure and unease
Insurmountable fears

It’s Your face I seek
It’s Your warmth I need
In Your arms I’ll rest
My Father, my Strength.


by Adrienne Luzanne


My Greatest Comfort

I flip the pages and stall.
Make either the days grow long,
or the time slow down.

is what I thought.

I lie down and close my eyes.
Should I rest now or later?
is what I pondered.

I almost whined.
But then You asked to talk.
And I said, “Alright, I guess .”
Then I realized,
Not ‘I guess’. Not ‘I should’
But ‘I want to’
Because the only one
who never disappoints,
is You.

And just the thought of that,
makes me smile,
gives me peace,
gives me strength.


Life Goes On

Even if it seems pointless or unfair,
Try to understand, try to accept.

Even if every fiber of your being resists,
Take one step, and the rest shall follow.

Even if your heart is burdened,
And the pain almost unbearable,
Be someone’s reason to live.

For the world is not a one-way telescope
There are millions of other perspectives
It does not revolve solely around your own.

There may be doubts,
that’s within reason.
Fears? To each his own.
But still, life goes on. Doesn’t it?

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