They shew their card
As told by the bard
Oh how abysmal
Banish unloyals

You open your eyes
But only see lies
No matter how wide
The truth has been hide

Lock the morals
Throw the keys
Blind everyone
But never me


Silence, then Nothing


Say a word
and I’ll feel stabbed

Say nothing
and I’ll feel burned

Pierce me with a glare
and my skin will melt
Look through my solid body-
neglect my existence
And like an overheated balloon

I will burst-
cease to live
With no traces left,
No memories to come back to



And I can’t even breathe
because I know how it feels to break

And it’s not fulfilling
to be on the whole side of the lake

Want so much to run,
but is that really something you can take?

Because right here, right now,
is a reality we can’t fake

Questions unanswered that even
a night’s sleep can not unshake

Fools are those who believe
that love is a piece of cake


by Luzanne

Make It So


Heave high, heave low
No matter what
Make it so

That the line is cut not
As it reacheth
Around the bow

Heave high, heave low
No matter what
Make it so

That the curve will not
Rot into miserable


By Luzanne


Time’s so fast
Can’t have a blast

Where has the past
Gone, gone, gone

Stare at the wall
Let the rain fall
When will he call
Back, back, back

Stepped on a heart
Killed with a dart
Everything’s falling
Apart, part, part


by Luzanne


Shadows lurking,
All poised for attack

You better get ready,
Watch your back

Calculated movements,
Watchful eyes

Wolf in sheep’s clothing,
Woven with lies


by Luzanne

What The World Needs to Know


The world doesn’t need to know
How our imperfections made the other better
When I’m short of patience and yours is greater

The world doesn’t need to know
How often we laugh about trivial things
From funny facial expressions to Pewdiepie’s everything

The world doesn’t need to know
How you know when I needed silence
When there’s just too much madness

The world doesn’t need to know
How no matter how big our arguments get
You never let me sleep feeling unloved and unwanted

What the world needs to know,
Is that when God says yes,
You don’t need to second guess

Everything will fall into place
If you trust in His pace.


by Adrienne Luzanne


You have born unto me these feelings long forgotten
And somehow I’m grateful that thus I write often

You have evoked unto me the sleeping passion
You got me thinking which is the real version

You have unleased within me the darkness hidden
It’s making me laugh albeit it’s oh so forbidden

You have spurred me into running the race faster
Into a path that unfortunately you can never even enter

You have pushed me over the edge
But I won’t sink low, this I pledge.

by Adrienne Luzanne

You have the nerve to chop off the rope
Only noticing you’re on the wrong side
In the last minute
You tease so tauntingly
And feed them gold
And then you snatch away every last mold


art is made for art’s sake
art is made for hearts that break
art is made by wandering souls
ones who’ve reached the all time low

art is feeling.
art is moving.

art is living the way only
you will know


by Adrienne Luzanne

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