They shew their card
As told by the bard
Oh how abysmal
Banish unloyals

You open your eyes
But only see lies
No matter how wide
The truth has been hide

Lock the morals
Throw the keys
Blind everyone
But never me


Silence, then Nothing


Say a word
and I’ll feel stabbed

Say nothing
and I’ll feel burned

Pierce me with a glare
and my skin will melt
Look through my solid body-
neglect my existence
And like an overheated balloon

I will burst-
cease to live
With no traces left,
No memories to come back to


“Hindi ka naman mahirap mahalin.”

Ngunit paano nga ba
Kung ang bilang ng agwat
ay tila hindi tama?

Kaya’t siya ay nagtimpi
at bumaling sa iba
Hanggang sa dulo’y nagsisi
At sinabing
“Hindi ko naman inakala…”

O binibini, ano ang iyong hindi inakala?
Tila ika’y nagulantang nang malamang
Ang pagtatangi ay hindi naayon
Sa panahong ang isa’y sa mundo naitadhana

Ang pag-ibig ay hindi nasusukat
ng ngalan o titolo
At lalo mong tandaan
Ang pag-ibig ay hindi nasusukat
ng pilak o numero


Make It So


Heave high, heave low
No matter what
Make it so

That the line is cut not
As it reacheth
Around the bow

Heave high, heave low
No matter what
Make it so

That the curve will not
Rot into miserable


By Luzanne



His hands are mine to hold
His face is mine to touch

His voice is mine to hear
His love is mine to feel

His smile is one I caused
His strength is what I see
His flaw I will not mind
His heart is what I’ll find




When you brace yourself for something you dread,
Is it wisdom or pessimism that is being fed?
Are you building walls tall enough to protect,
Or are they ever so tall that none could intersect?

When you wear your heart proudly on your sleeve,
Is it passion or are you simply being too naive?
Are you so blinded that only you can’t see the cards?
Are you sure it’s not a game directed by a heartless bard?


by Adrienne Luzanne



It’s because I care
That I will spare
This risky dare
To be laid bare

There’s nothing more
To be left in store
It hurts my core
That we’ll never soar

I hope you’ll forgive
I don’t want to leave
But it’s much to heave
With naught to receive

Bid one last Hi
But I’ll be by
It’s just.. It’s always I
Who is left to die

But not this time
I betcha ten dimes
Before the break chimes
I’d have cut all ties


Contingency (n.) – An event that may occur but that is not likely or intended


by Adrienne Luzanne


I jumped the train, then you followed
Let’s go some place none can follow
Hold my hand, look in my eyes
Let’s find that place none can follow

Sing me songs I want to hear
I’ll write you poems of how I feel
Their muted whispers, without a care,
Let’s hide some place none can follow

This tale of old, for one so young
What do you know of the moon and the sun?
Won’t you come away with me still?
‘Cause if we both have the heart, I know we’ll find,
That place none can follow.


by Adrienne Luzanne

Edited: Music added

Words and Melody are mine. 🙂


In the tiniest of dots, the right are wronged.
In the lightest of touch, the senses are won.
In the softest of sounds, the peace was disrupt.
In the slightest of change, it felt corrupt.

In the quietness of dusk, the more they unfurled.
In the subtlety of one, the blatant change in all.


by adrienne luzanne

Song of Myself by Walt Whitman (excerpt)

You will hardly know who I am or what I mean,
But I shall be good health to you nevertheless,
And filter and fibre your blood.

Failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged,
Missing me one place search another,
I stop somewhere waiting for you.

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