I have never asked for grandiose gestures, nor expensive and luxurious gifts. The tiny things that give me simple, but pure joy need no audience, whether big or small. It only needs to be seen and felt by me, it only needs to be true. Is it?

To be reminded that I am remembered even in the most minute detail is worth more than a bag of diamond rings and delicate strings of pearls. I would honestly shout yes, if you ask for my hand, even with just a ring made of santan flowers.  I am not saying I want no gestures. I am not saying I am apathetic to romance. I only want simple things. I only want you. What about you?

And I want you to understand- that despite all that the eye can see, when people look at me, I am a simple girl with a simple dream. I’ve told you many a time, I want that one thing that I never had. Do you remember?

Let’s, you and I, build a house on a mountain, someplace none can follow. These are the words that my heart is singing. These are the stories my life is living. Do you know them?




When you brace yourself for something you dread,
Is it wisdom or pessimism that is being fed?
Are you building walls tall enough to protect,
Or are they ever so tall that none could intersect?

When you wear your heart proudly on your sleeve,
Is it passion or are you simply being too naive?
Are you so blinded that only you can’t see the cards?
Are you sure it’s not a game directed by a heartless bard?


by Adrienne Luzanne

I wonder how she feels
that one day, suddenly,
the sound of footsteps in her wake faded.
Because it has made its own choices.

It used to plead for answers,
but now it walks alone.
It holds its head high,
and knows its own goal.

And in the beginning,
it never looked back.
For the thought of freedom
was a lifelong yearning
that was finally realized.

But then it felt that liberation
can be a hazard as it is a treat.
Having regrets is suffocatingly sweet.

Because change is unchangeable
in time’s inevitable passing.

In a rush to try everything,
the taste was lost.
Some were spilled,
some were ignored.
And as years passed,
the cycle came to an end
and all that’s left was to go back the bend.

And she stands there waiting,
as described by others:
just the same but with a few more lines
on her beautiful face,
smiling… welcoming…

And until it finds itself
with the same treasure to nurture,
it will pursue her until the end and stay,
no longer behind, but beside her,
to share the wisdom each has learned.


by Adrienne Luzanne

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