Time’s so fast
Can’t have a blast

Where has the past
Gone, gone, gone

Stare at the wall
Let the rain fall
When will he call
Back, back, back

Stepped on a heart
Killed with a dart
Everything’s falling
Apart, part, part


by Luzanne


One Second


For one second, I won’t deny
That one moment of insanity.
One second out of this dimension,
So I can shout it once,
that f
or one second, I thought
Of that moment with you.

Then for one second,
I will let t
hat hurt overwhelm me.
So I hope that after that second,
It will vanish into nothingness.

As if we didn’t feel,
As if my breath was not lost
When eyes met even just
For one second.


Adrienne Luzanne



I’ve written about patience and resilience, but where do I stand now?
I’ve always disliked inconsistence, but what am I doing now?
I’ve rallied for forgiveness and second chances, but why do I remain silent?
Indeed, they were right. That what you preach is hardly easy to stand by.

Words of wisdom, take them all in, keep them in mind.
But without true heart, they’re foreign textbooks
you can’t read, you can’t unbind.

So find your answer with time,
they say it heals.
The time you take to think straight,
when you allow your heart to heal,
your wounds to close,
your tears to dry,
your eyes to see.

Recover in selflessness,
and be one with kindness.
Don’t be confined in darkness.
Find freedom in His likeness.


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