I took a peek, the well was deep.
I took a plunge, the depth was null.


You entrust blindly, with your heart posing boldly on your sleeve. Then you turn back and suddenly, the ground shifts and what you thought you always knew, was a big big lie.

Words were spoken, judgment was made, even before people knew of each tale.
It hurts to know that the ones you thought were close enough, were really just close enough to break you.



Life Goes On

Even if it seems pointless or unfair,
Try to understand, try to accept.

Even if every fiber of your being resists,
Take one step, and the rest shall follow.

Even if your heart is burdened,
And the pain almost unbearable,
Be someone’s reason to live.

For the world is not a one-way telescope
There are millions of other perspectives
It does not revolve solely around your own.

There may be doubts,
that’s within reason.
Fears? To each his own.
But still, life goes on. Doesn’t it?

Floating in the Haze

I look ahead and see nothing- just a haze, like my vision’s blurred a hundred times. I raise my hand to shield my eyes, because the light is also bright. I want so much to see, I want so much to know. A Voice was telling me to wait, but my desire was already deaf to reason. My greed consumed me and I wanted to just risk it all. But just as I think it, the light went out. The haze was gone, because all was dark. I panicked and I cried. I whined and threw fits. Because I was about to jump, I didn’t care, I forgot that He was there. I spread my arms to find my way. Something- Someone caught it, it was warm and gentle. I felt the patience and the conviction that I lacked. It seemed like eternity but really, it was only a moment. The darkness lifted and I was floating in the haze. I still could not see everything clearly, but I knew it was beautiful. There were promising whispers, that they shall reveal themselves someday, at the right time, at the right moment. Because they were still being molded, so when the time comes, I won’t be disappointed. I floated along the haze, with my heart content and my soul at peace, as the Hand continued to guide me and comfort my unease.

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